“I am so appreciative of the value and courage that are practiced by you wonderful writing women.The work you are doing is IMPORTANT work. If only Women Writing VT could
take over the world. . .”   
– Hinda Miller, VT State Senator

“You are a wonderful teacher, both of writing and of nurturing the spiritual and feminine truths thatwe women tend to bury within ourselves. I have been feeling a greater courage to move closer to the person I want, and was perhaps meant, to be.”  Bonny Fitch Cobb, Colorado

“I hope you realize that facilitating these classes, and modeling the strength, honesty, conviction and truth of your voice is bringing about internal change in each of us and therefore
change is seeping out into the world and changing it, too. Thank you!”
– Pam Clark, Jericho

“Your presence in the community is like the stone dropped into the pond–I have felt the effects of
our commitment to women, writing and the greater society; I’ve seen your work affect others too.”
– Laurel Williams, South Burlington

“You have a give for acknowledging and validating us as writers and as women. Thank you for creating a safe place for all of us to express very deep parts of ourselves.”
– Jeanne Cariati, Montpelier

“It’s great to come back to the circle and feel accepted.It really is like coming home!”
– Heidi Smith, South Burlington

“This circle challenges me to be a full participant, taking responsibility for the voice I bring to the group, and not diminishing it with humor that masks fear and vulnerability.”

“I find the weekly practices, the coming together with the community of women, and the guidance provided, to be extremely important to my well-being as a writer and as a person.”

“The courage to share one’s work shows a gentle confidence that is contagious. Somehow by reflecting on others’ stories you make them your own, opening closed doors in your mind and soul.”

“This is a place where writers are honored, where writing means more than words on paper.”

“I’ve had the craft feedback I was craving from my group; and being surrounded by purposeful writers has made me a better listener as well as story-teller.”

“Women’s soulfulness runs at full tilt here. I think that if we had the opportunity, we could put our heads and hearts together right now and solve all the problems of the world.”

“We bring white sheets of truth to create fire and spirit of connection.”

“This is a space for women warriors and I am proud to be a member of the tribe. I am encouraged to develop my strength and dedication for seeking truth.”