about sarah

Montepulciano websizeCreating Women Writing VT has, in retrospect, proven to be Sarah’s lifelong dream and destiny. Nothing is more rewarding than living one’s passion. Designing classes, groups, workshops and retreats to midwife the voices of women from all walks of life has become this for her. Gathering themes, prompts and activities to cross-train the perspective, skill and expressiveness of each woman … helping her to voice what may have lain dormant … or to discover what she never knew she knew … supporting the urge to leave a written legacy for family … speaking out on issues of both political and personal importance … finding outlets for broader dissemination of words …

Often asked how she came to this work, Sarah has had to conclude it was writ in the stars from an early age. Practically born with pencil in hand and paper at the ready, she has always written her way into understanding, clarity, and more recently, to celebrate moments of beauty and connection. From her first high school job with HeadStart, the pull continues to work with underserved populations (see her work with women incarcerated in Vermont’s prison). She was called to training/licensure in 2004 with Women Writing for (a) Change, a community of practice she has participated in since 1993.

She lives a semi-retired (but hardly retiring!) life with her always-supportive husband, splitting time between the Vermont mountains and Massachusetts shore . Days fly by between CrossFitTT, writing, coaching, and travel to visit her growing brood of grandchildren.

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