About Women Writing for (a) Change ~ Vermont

Th - center 2In Burlington, VT since 2004, Women Writing for (a) Change – Vermont  supports the authentic experience of women who honor themselves through creative writing. We are a diverse community of women creating change in ourselves and our worlds one truth, one voice at a time. Participants enhance expressive skills, strengthen their voices, deepen themselves as women and as writers for positive change in all spheres of life. Creative writing in all genres is our shared vehicle.

Since 1991, Women Writing for (a) Change has evolved into a powerful and empowering community of women and girls telling our stories. Our core belief is that writing within and for community revises our lives toward the consciousness necessary to stop destroying one another and our planet. Individual change transforms community, creating connections necessary for healing our culture. Won’t you join us in writing the creative change you want to be in the world?

Women Writing for (a) Change ~ Vermont is for women who:IMG_1904

  • dream of writing for self-discovery, for personal or social healing
  • hunger for creative process in their lives
  • yearn to explore their feminine voice
  • crave reflective space
  • are in transition

    “Good writing facilitates making connections in a way that inspires open-heartedness, thinking, talking and action . . .Writing to connect is ‘change writing,’ which . . . creates the conditions that allow people to be transformed. Its goal is . . . to foster awareness and growth. . . Change writers are also purveyors of hope.”  
    - Writing to Change the World, by Mary Pipher